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HASF ArtWalk Fundraiser Sign Art

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Hello and Welcome to my online home.

My full name is Andrea Fuenzalida, friends tend to call me Drea which is how I sign my work. Am an international fine artist living and working in San Fransisco, CA. Skilled in both traditional and digital arts, I sell my own creations, do art commissions and freelance custom graphics services. All my promotional graphics and website you see here, I made myself.

The main focus of my work is to create art that is meaningful and enjoyable to look at.

For graphics clients interested in my work, feel free to check out my online portfolio with some examples of work done for clients.



My online art store: now updated with some new paintings.

anti covid dragon peace dragon


Check out my one of a kind, hand sewn Positive Magic Voodoo Kittys.

Voodoo Kitty

------- . Currently Voodoo Kitty can be purchased in person at the following retail shops . -------

-------------------------- ."The African Outlet" - 4942 Third Street, San Francisco, CA . -----------------------

--------------- . ____________________________________________ . ---------------

. -___- .





Visit me doing live art on Fridays outside of the beautiful Psychedelic SF Gallery - 1399 Haight Street at Masonic. Noon till 6pm.

Pscheceklic SF Gaklkler

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"Multi Flavored Mimosas" one iof the paintings I did live at Fern Alley on Polk Street. Teamed up with Donna Marchesano on Saturdays and Sunday 9am - 2pm to uplift our neighborhood with our art. We paint live and bring lots of affiordable original art goodies. Brought to you by Friends with Benedicts Brunch at Mayes Oyster House - 1233 Polk Street.

*Click here for brunch information and table reservations. friendswithbenedictspopup.com

The Fern Alley Cats

Keegan Roberson sometimes joins us as a special guest.





Haight Ashbury Street Fair returned on Sunday October 16th 2022 11am - 5:30pm !! Our Artwalk Booth this year featured a total of 9 local artists.

This year our booth is Sponsored by "Friends with Benedicts" Pop up brunches

Haight Ashbury Stret Fair Artwalk Fundraiser 2022

Learn and see more about The HASF Artwalk Fundraiser!

To support the Haight Ashbury Street Fair check out their official website: http://www.haightashburystreetfair.org/

HASF Artwalk Booth - photo by Steve Piasecki

photo by Steve Piasecki - 2017

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I design and paint signs for local businesses in San Francisco.
Click Here to see some examples!

Friends With Benedicts A-frame










I started a gofundme emergency fundraiser for my friends at The African Outlet - Help keep their doors open thru the rest of this pandemic!


I started a gofundme emergency fundraiser for my friend Tom. 2020 has been a rough time for most of us but even harder for Tom than most of us. Please share and help if you can. Much thanks <3!





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email: dreaArtist@gmail.com


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