Born in Perth, Australia from a family of Chilean immigrants, lived in Northern Territories (Groote Eylandt). Canada (Port Hardy BC), Chile (Santiago) and has been residing in the culturally diverse city of San Francisco, California since 1998.

Influenced at an early age by the Aboriginal Art in Australia, modern cartoons and video games. After graduating with a BFA in Computer Arts (Academy of Art University), besides freelancing digital graphics to mostly small, local and independent businesses; have developed my own visions and creative techniques mostly thru traditional methods using acrylic paints, hand-made items and mixed media techniques.

For Graphic Design and other client commissions am very versatile, can develop ideas from scratch in any style or work with existing image collateral to produce whatever is needed for the specific project, adhear to branding specifications and achieve the client's visions.

The main goal of my Fine Art is to heal and strengthen humanity by channeling positive energy into the dream time and explore the colors that describe life energy. Often, I mix artistic and cultural elements combining modern with ancient tribal imagery to produce new styles of art.

I love Nature and I love the City. Art is powerful magic and I love to paint a positive reality into the universe.

Drea at How Wierd St. Fair May 13th 2012

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