Haight Ashbury Street Fair Artwalk Fundraiser Booth


As the director of The HASF Artwalk Fundraiser booth, i'd like to give a big thanks to all the artists who have participated so far over the last few years:
2017, 2018, 2019 and 2022 at the fair itself and one previous event at Second Act on upper Haight Street.

Andrea Fernandez,
Donna Marchesano - ArtofMarchesano.com , Art4Wellness.com
Greta - Whimsy By Greta
Jason Wyman - JasonWyman.com
Keegan Roberson - PinupsbyKeegan.com , instagram.com/thisiskeegan
Micheal - Cannagnomes
Steve Piasecki - StevePi.com
Samalita - RenaissanceSam.com
Victoria Lostaunau - etsy.com/shop/VLostArts
Ash Phillips - instagram.com/c0sm0p0litician
Luis & Cole,
Jennifer Krase,
Joanna Z
and in memory of Clarence A. Mitchell

HASF Artwalk

Haight Ashbury Street Fair Art Walk Fundraiser Booth 2019


Help keep your gardens safe and plentiful with Cannagnomes!

Samalita and Donna

Samalita, Donna Marchesano and Steve Piasecki (with his iconic sunflower bee) - 2019

Cannagnomes and Jason

Micheal - Cannagnomes and Jason Wyman - JasonWyman.com - 2019


Steffani - Swag Girl - 2019

Lao and Keegan

Keegan taking a break from painting live with our helper Lao - 2019

Andrea Fernandez

Andrea Fernandez (right) and friends with her silk screened T-Shirts - 2018

Keegan Roberson and Andrea Fernandez - 2018

Samalita, Donna and Keegan - 2018


Donna Marchesano - ArtofMarchesano.com , Art4Wellness.com - 2018

Photo by Steve Piasecki - StevePi.com - 2017

Photo and Sun flower by Steve Piasecki - StevePi.com - 2017


Keegan Roberson - Photo by Steve Piasecki - StevePi.com - 2017

Cole Jamming on Acoustic guitar with his wire wraps as well as glass art by Luis - 2017


40th Annual Haight Ashbury Street Fair - 50 year Summer of Love

Donna with hippies celebrating 40th Annual Haight Ashbury Street Fair - 50 years of Summer of Love - 2017

2nd Act Door

First Haight Ashbury Street Fair Art Walk 2016

Joanna with her paintings, prints and a crystal wraps - 2016


In memory of: Clarence A. Mitchell R.I.P. his prediction was correct, something BIG did and is happening‎.




We had a booth at the fair 2017, 2018 and 2019 plus one previous event at Second Act on Upper Haight in 2016. Looking forward to continuing this adventure !

Thank you to Michael Xavier and everyone at HASF plus special thanks to all our guests who support local art and the Haight Ashbury Street Fair <3 <3 <3

Thank You Mikey and everyone at Haight Ashbury Street Fair

To support Haight Ashbury Street Fair for a strong return check out their website. Lots of cool official merch available.