Graphic Design and Illustration by Andrea Fuenzalida

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The Love Of Ganesha

Blue lotus stickersBlue lotus stickers on bags

Blue Lotus Product Labels June 2023

Ganesha Gate Mural Ganesha Gate Drea

Gate Mural Upgrade Spring 2023



Psychedelic SF Gallery Drawing and T-shirt Design

Psychedelic SF Gallery Drawing Psychedelic SF Gallery Graphic

Psychedelic SF Gallery Maroon Shirt Psychedelic SF Gallery Black Shirt

Psychedelic SF Gallery Drawing, T-shirt Graphic, Maroon and Grey Shirts, Black Shirt - 2022


Love on Haight Illustration

Love on Haight

Store Front Illustration - 17 x 14 inches - Pen and Felt Tipped Markers - Dec 2022



Mad Dog in the Fog Logo Restoration

Before After

Vectorize and Clean Up Logo 2023


Haight Street Sunglasses Logo Design

Haight Street Sunglasses

Logo graphic final in Illustrator: Fall 2022


Click here for more Sign Art including Restaurant A-frames:


Kuma Sushi on Valencia Kuma Crab Sign

Kuma Sushi & Sake Sign Art - 2023

Friends with Benedicts at Ma

Friends With Benedicts at Mayes 2019


Haight-Ashbury Street Fair Posters, Postcards and Flyers

Winning design printed and sold on Posters for Haight-Ashbury Street Fair 2018
to purchase please visit

2018 HASF winning poster

Design printed and sold on Poster Postcard Collection 2017 for Haight-Ashbury Street Fair

HASF 2017 Postcard

Design printed and sold on Poster Postcard Collection 2016 for Haight-Ashbury Street Fair

HASF Postcard

Design printed and sold on Poster Postcard Collection 2015 for Haight-Ashbury Street Fair

Haight Ashbury Street Fair 2015 Runner Up Poster

Design printed and sold on Poster Postcard Collection 2014 for Haight-Ashbury Street Fair

Haight-Asbury Street Fair Postcard 2015

Haight-Ashbury Street Fair's Battle of the Bands Poster 2019

Haight-Ashbury Street Fair's Battle of the Bands Poster 2018

Battkle iof the Bands

Haight-Ashbury Street Fair's Halloween Hootenanny hand-bills 2017

hoot poster

Haight-Ashbury Street Fair fundraisers at Milk 2018



The Poppies Art Events

Event Flyers 2017



KAST Skateboards

Ocean Drive Miami South Beach sky line custom graphic illustration

5th street Life Guard Hut custom graphic illustration



Brunch Time


Brunch Time



Save the Palace of Fine Arts

Digital Illustration

Acrylic Painting (Photo by Kristan Tieche)



DAO House USA/ Aspen Lodge Resort & Spa

DAO USA Logo (2015):



Universal Consciousness Festival Logo (Sept 2014):

Universal Consciousness Festival Logo

Aspen 7 Star Travel Logo:

Aspen 7 Star Travel Logo

Aspen Lodge Simplicity Restaurant Logo:

Simplicity Restaurant Logo

Advertisement For Discovery Maps Publication:

Aspen Lodge Ad in Discovery Maps

Decorative Vines Graphic:

Decorative Vines Graphic


Three-Fold Wedding Brochure:

Three-Fold Wedding Brochure Side 1Three-Fold Wedding Brochure Side 2



Valencia Artisans Collective and Flea at McCoppin Hub Plaza

Event Flyer (Sept. 2015):

Saturday at McCoppin Hub Plaza



The African Outlet



Constructed and do updates to their main web site:

Designed and print their current business cards:

The African Outlet Business Card

Save The African Outlet Indiegogo Campaign - Graphic Design, Video Editing and Consulting


Save The African Outlet Facebook Page -

Save The African Outlet FB Page

Save The African Outlet Campaign Graphics:

Save The African Outlet Web Banner

Save The African Outlet Web Banner

Save The African Outlet, Small Handout

The African Outlet, KJ's Farewell Party Flyer

KJ's Party Flyer



Klaudia Kenny


Organic Pizza Kitchen Logo:

Organic Pizza Kitchen Logo

Menu Illustrations:

Menu Illustration, Outside Menu Illustration - Inside



"DNA Snake" Personal Design Graphic (for personal Tattoo and Custom Painting)

DNA Snake Design - Photoshop

DNA Snake Design - Pen and Ink Drawing


Ale Hakala -


Graphic Illustration for Logo used in T-Shirts, Stickers, Websites and Other marketing Collateral

Logo Team Haleakala Logo - Team Haleakala - Color


Amon RA (Dub-Step Music)


Graphic Illustration

Amon RA - Graphic Illustration


Lords Of Sunset (Metal Music)


Custom Digital Illustration

Lords Of Sunset Custom Illustration


Janice McLean


The Becoming, Book Cover Illustration

The Becoming Book Cover Illustration


Jose Ortiz - Malcriada T-Shirts


Logo and T-Shirt Designs

Malcriada Logo

T-Shirt Front T-Shirt Back


The Art House in Berkeley


Party Poster and photographs for Chile Earthquake Relief Fundraiser

The Art House Chile Fundraiser Poster


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